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Phil Ryder
Phil Ryder Singing into a microphone
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Something About You

The singer has nothing in common with her partner and doesn't know why she should be so keen on him but there's something about him that she loves! Sung by Anabel Mather and written by Phil Ryder.

Buzz Of Brighton (ft Anabel Mather) EP

This tells of the uniqueness of Brighton, its energy and vitality and why it's loved by people from all over. Written by Phil Ryder, sung by Anabel Mather, produced by Oliver Sean.

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Goa Chillout Zone, Vol. 12

Featured on

Is This Real Love Written by Phil Ryder Featuring.png

"Is This Real Love" Written by Phil Ryder Ft Anabel Mather May 2023 

"I'D Rather Be Alone" Jan 2023

The singer says that if her partner were to leave her, she'd rather be alone than have another partner. Performed by Anabel Mather and Written by Phil Ryder

Id Rather Be Alone Cover
'Skin Deep'

About the anguish faced by the singer whose partner's love for her is only skin deep. Written by Phil Ryder, produced by Oliver Sean.

Skin Deep Cover

The Worldbeat Project

Featured on

Produced by Oliver Sean

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Goa Chillout Zone, Vol. 11

Featured on

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08th September 2022

After months of lockdown, it's time we had a party!!

Written and backing by Phil Ryder, sung by Anabel Mather with John Clark on drums

Party Cover by Phil Ryder

Leave Me At Midnight - EP


"Leave Me At Midnight"

"They Don't Know The Heart Ache"

"Stranger On A Stormy Night"

"Don't You Throw My Love Away.​"

'If You Have Found Love'
04th March 2022

My new Single 'If You Have Found Love' (Remix) Featuring Anabel Mather and produced by Stuart Epps is now ready for you to listen to and has been released. There is also a french version of this song called 'Si Tu Trouve l’Amour' so make sure you look out for both versions.  


I took great enjoyment writing this song and to hear it sung in french is also an added bonus for me.

Both versions of this single are available to listen and download on all the usual music streaming channels. 

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Featuring on A Christmas Compilations Album 02.12.21

Independant No. 1's Christmas Special Cover

7th Annual Chart Topping Christmas Special Album by WOA Entertainment

First Christmas Without You
19th November 2021

Proud to present my New Single 'First Christmas Without You'


Mostly regarded as a happy time for families and couples to be together, the singer tells of the loneliness and emptiness she feels as her previous partner has left her during the year.

Available to listen to and download on all the usual music streaming channels. 

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